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05:24pm 29/09/2007

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I don't know who even uses LJ anymore...   
01:55pm 30/08/2006
  Any of my friends still on here? I think everyone jumped the myspace bandwagon. Hell, even I did.


Hit me up. I don't know the next time I'll check my LJ. I really like the layout here, but most of my people are on MS, so it's easier to use it for the purpose of commuication. I may still post here occasionally if it strikes my fancy, but judging on the fact that I have posted something here 11 times in the last 2 years...and only once in the last year.

So...who's still around?

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09:48am 19/01/2006
  Jacquelin is the greatest girl in the world.  

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03:09pm 13/09/2005
  I wish it was Halloween...because I'd be leaving to go to Vegas....  

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10:41pm 25/07/2005
  well well well....  

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Anyone still here?   
11:04pm 31/03/2005
  Dunno...anyone even read LJ's anymore?  

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Vanilla Ice and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Present...Ninja Rap   
08:10pm 08/12/2004
  YO! It’s the green machine -- Gonna rock the town without bein’ seen
Have you ever seen a turtle Get Down? -- Slammin’ Jammin’ to the new swing sound
Yeah, everybody let’s move -- Vanilla is here with the new Jack Groove
Gonna rock, and roll this place -- With the power of the ninja turtle bass
Iceman, ya know I’m not playin’ -- Devistate the show while the turtles are sayin:

Ninja, Ninja, RAP! Ninja, Ninja, RAP!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja. GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!

Lyrics, fill in the gap -- Drop that bass and get the NINJA RAP
Feel it, if you know what I mean -- Give it up for those heroes in green
Just flowin, smooth with the power -- Kickin’ it up, hour after hour
Cause in this life there’s only one winner -- You better aim good so you can hit the center
In it to win it, with a team of four -- Ninja Turtles that you gotta adore it’s the:

Ninja, Ninja, RAP! Ninja, Ninja, RAP!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!
Go Ninja, Go Ninja. GO; Go Ninja, Go ninja, GO!

Villians, you better run and hide -- Because one day you might not slide
Choose your weapon but don’t slip -- Vanilla’s in control with the flex of the mic grip
Rockin’ the crowd the way it should be rocked -- With the Miami drop that you like alot
Hittin like a Ninja Turtle when the bass kicks in -- You better check your level
The power of the Ninja is strong -- Fightin’ all the crooks until they’re all out cold

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A funny story about the flyer...   
07:57pm 08/12/2004
  So we've rescheduled the car show for February 19th. This meant me doing the flyer for the 3rd time. By now, I've pretty much got the hang of it, so it wasn't too hard. I really don't mind doing flyers and stuff like this. What I can't stand is when I have to make 1,000 revisions to it and upload each one to BMS so Vik and the rest of the council can judge it and say what other trivial thing needs to be fixed.

But I think this is the final product...

Anyway, this is pretty much how the conversation went between Vik and I after this last revision.

MSP35Scott: done sir
Vikram J Saini: aight
Vikram J Saini: sorry!
Vikram J Saini: and post this is the final version!
Vikram J Saini: all other people interested can still have vendors booth.. just wont be on the flyer
MSP35Scott: well
MSP35Scott: i can always just pee in their butts
Vikram J Saini: HAHAHAH
MSP35Scott: i think they'll get the message that way too
Vikram J Saini: ok

So yeah, it better be done...because I sure don't want to have to make good on my threat.....

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10:10am 23/11/2004
  Oops. Entirely forgot to post when I got back from LV. We had a damn good time. I'm doing a full write-up for a magazine and I'll post it up here when it's done. I also have about 200 pictures I took throughout the week. For now though, I'll just touch on some of the more memorable moments.

High points:
- Lots of Porsches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, and race cars
- Hot models at the Tien, JIC, Magnaflow, and other booths.
- Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 for a rental car. It was returned in a less than perfect condition.
- Spitting off the Hoover Dam
- Bags full of free stuff from SEMA.
- 60 minute massage after 3 days of walking around Las Vegas.
- Red Square. Greatest food ever.
- Acting like a balla' at the Bellagio
- Shopping at the Forum Shoppes and acting like money is no object.
- Beautiful weather.
- Mountainous terrain

Low Points:
- Lots of stuff that looks good, but I will never be able to afford.
- A newfound respect for high-end clothes such as Armani, Gucci, and Versace means lots of money spent.
- Coming home poor.
- Not gambling for whatever reasons.
- Not having time to do everything we wanted to.
- The HORRIBLE food at our hotel.
- Our HORRIBLE hotel.
- Lots of turbulence on the plane ride over there.
- Static electricity.
- Missed the whole election (yes, I voted ahead of time)

If I went into details...we'd be here all day.

But at any rate, it felt good to be home. It was nice to get a full night's sleep, have a normal sized shower, and not receive static shocks from everything i touch. I'll defenitely go back next year. Although next year I'm going to stay at a nice hotel. I'm thinking either the Luxor or Mandalay Bay.

And now I'm planning my next vacation. I hope to visit either Moscow or Tokyo next year around May or June.

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The wait is over...   
12:55pm 01/11/2004
  Vegas, here I come!

I'll be back in about a week. Stay good kids.

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12:29pm 24/10/2004
  I hate working on Sundays. Especially considering Ed's is closed and I really want a nice big calzone right about now...  

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Viva Las Vegas.   
06:11pm 22/10/2004
  9 More days until vacation...
...but I'm ready to go now.

Oh well, I guess I just have to be patient. Now it's time to go take a shower and meet Krystal and Ernest for some sushi. Maybe I'll go to Orlando tonight and see Cliff and his amazing Cuda at OSW. I don't know why I started posting in my LJ again. I don't really have any interesting contributions to the world at this moment. I guess it makes for a decent way to kill some time though.

P.S. 9 more days until the general debauchery begins....

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It's been awhile   
08:40pm 17/10/2004
  Yep...a long while. Don't even know if anyone posts on their LJ anymore.

So what's new....
I blew a tire on my Mazda at like 60mph going down Highway 50 the other day. That was a little scary. The car is ok though.
I finally got a new engine and transmission for my Volkswagen. Car should be on the road soon.
I'm ready to go on my vacation. SEMA convention in Las Vegas. Ah...5 days of fast cars, strong liquor, and reckless gambling.

Speaking of Vegas. Anyone wanna go? We got an extra ticket. For only $550 (price negotiable), you get a round trip ticket, 4 nights lodging, and some other goodies. If you're interested, let me know and I'll fill you in on the rest of the details.

So...yeah...if anyone out there still reads these things, go ahead and feel free to say hi to me. And if you're ever bored, let me know. I'm often up for some rather amusing goings on.

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Cars for Charity 2004.   
04:13pm 27/06/2004
  Just finished the flyer for our car show. You should all go and hang out with me.

EDIT: Show got cancelled. Twice. :(

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03:47pm 21/06/2004
  Well, might be moving back up north.

I'm going to try and enroll in college in New Hampshire, I need to get out of Florida. But at any rate, I haven't posted on here in awhile, so I figured I'd say something.

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Let's go gambling!   
11:53pm 24/04/2004
  I originally posted this on some forum, but though I'd throw it up here also to see if anyone is interested.

For mine and my friend's 21st birthday, me and some of the Brevard Motorsports guys are going out on the Sterling casino boat for a night of drinking, gambling, trying to hump girls, and finally puking on ourselves later that night at the hotel room.

When: Friday, May 21st.
Where: Port Canaveral, Sterling Casino Ambassador II casino ship
What time: We're going to meet at around 5pm at the hotel (which will be determined in a few days). The cruise is from 7pm-1am.
Cost: It's free to get on the boat and drinks are free as long as your gambling. Remember to bring only the amount of money you're willing to waste, plus remember to tip your waitress. If you aren't gambling, then you'll have to pay for drinks. As for the after party, some drinks will be provided, but I ask that other people bring something along.

We will be taking the casino's bus to the terminal and should be there at the boat at around 6-6:30pm. The boat leaves at 7pm and will be docking at 1am. From there, we will take the bus back to the hotel where it's pretty much anything goes. We're getting a suite, so if some people want to just crash, they can. And if others want to drink, they can do that in the other room.

If you've been drinking and want to go home, get a taxi. We'll be collecting everyone's keys so no one gets the idea to go for a late night cruise after spending multiple hours consuming large amounts of alcohol. But if you're a non-drinker or only have a beer or two, then by all means, still come and enjoy the party. You can drive home drunk people if you want or just split when we get off the boat.

Any more questions, just ask. Everyone 21+ is welcome.

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08:03pm 28/03/2004

It's slow, pretty beat, and pukes power steering fluid. But it was $750 and it's going to transform into the car that takes me to the SCCA Nationals.

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08:01pm 24/03/2004
  New car coming soon for me...

Well...not new. But like...20 years old. Should be good times.

More on this later, I'm tired.

P.S. Being sick and going to the doctor every few days to have blood taken from me really sucks.

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06:01pm 21/02/2004
  Absinthe + Aqua Teen Hunger Force = Good times.

Plus the complete lack of hangover is a major plus.

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Things that don't always need to be said.   
07:34pm 12/02/2004
mood: curious
A couple of points I'd like to make:

- 18 hour shifts sure do take a toll on a person...especially when done in consecutive days.
- If the money wasn't so damn good, I don't think I'd be working this many hours a week.
- Death is overrated.
- Why do people try and overdose, then call 911? If they really wanted to die, you'd think I'm the last person they'd want to talk to.
- I'm really glad that I've had this slight gap between "romances". Valentine's Day is expensive.
- I feel like hanging out with some of my friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Any takers?
- Strangely enough...my enemies too.
- Soldering guns get very hot. Try not to touch them while they're turned on.
- I've noticed that I've amassed quite a collection of very strange and very amusing items.
- Most people don't appreciate my collections.
- Alcohol is best served in moderation. As in 12 pack at a time.
- I really need to stop working so many 18 hour shifts.
- Internal organs outside of a living body are something I just haven't been able to get used to seeing yet.
- Intestines feel "funny".
- The morgue doesn't really smell like you'd think it would.
- Chuck Palahniuk is an excellent author.
- I really love sushi.
- I really want to put some new parts on my car, but can never decide what should be next.
- I think I want to drive up to New Hampshire this summer. Who wants to go with me? Seriously.

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